Rotator (manipulator) welding МАК-500N, carrying capacity up to 500 kg.

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Rotation and tilt is carried out by a Russian-made geared motor, which provides smooth adjustment and stability of the rotation speed. To connect the return welding cable, a sliding contact (copper-bronze) with a load of 500 A. control panel. Distinctive features of the MAK-500N welding rotator (manipulator): – strong welded base, which provides stability of rotation of the product without vibrations at various weights and configurations; motorized rotation and tilt of the faceplate in a wide range of speeds; – faceplate with six slots suitable for mounting various types cartridges or special devices in which the welded product can be installed; – manual and automatic operation; – the ability to customize the full cycle of work, including setting the start delay time, overlap value, control of the welding machine; – multifunctional panel with a full-text display provides easy control and setting the operating mode of the rotator; – the possibility of installing one or several pneumatic arms to hold the burner; – the rotator can be equipped with a tailstock moving along an additional base for fixing products of great length up to 2000 mm. Those. specifications Technical characteristicsMaximum lifting capacity – 500 kgMaximum bending moment – 120 kg * mMaximum torque – 90 kg * m Faceplate diameter – 700 mm Rotation speed 0.1-1.0 rpm Tilt angle 0 – 105 degrees Power supply – 3х380 (50Hz) VW – 398 kg Overall dimensions – 1090х840х825 mm Pneumatic console – option Tailstock – option

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Product value

0,80 м3

Product length

840 мм

Product width

825 мм

Product height

1090 мм


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